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Red Carpet Restoration moves quickly and expertly to restore your property and to restore order to your life.

Fire and smoke damage is a frightening prospect for any home or business owner. Even in the fortunate event that no one is hurt, the shock of the event and the disruption of your daily life can be overwhelming.

  • The damage caused by fire is not over when the fire is out.
  • The presence of smoke and soot continue to damage your property.
  • Corrosive gases in the smoke combine with water vapor to form solutions which etch, pit and stain when they condense on metal and other surfaces – electrical equipment, household appliances, marble, glass…
  • Soot is more damaging and more difficult to remove the longer it remains.

The presence of fire initiates complex chemical reactions, especially when synthetic materials such as those in mattresses, toys, and other common items are burned. Just as different materials require different cleaning techniques, different processes are more effective for removing the different types of soot created. The processes used can be as important as the speed of application in achieving results.

Red Carpet Restoration offers complete fire and smoke damage restoration services, including, when necessary, structural demolition. We cover all the details of:

  • Immediate smoke removal, preventative clean-up, and board up
  • Pack out (removal and inventory of items for restoration or disposal)
  • Cleaning and preserving contents
  • Cleaning and deodorizing walls, ceilings, and flooring
  • Restoring damaged structural elements
  • Water extraction and dehumidifying
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