Even for the most diligent homeowner, some unavoidable spots, stains, and accidents are bound to happen to your carpet. While we always recommend contacting us, your Overland Park carpet cleaning company, first and foremost before you try your own at home carpet cleaning method, there are some tried-and-true stain cleaning methods. We also recommend spot-testing any at home carpet cleaning treatments before using any solution on your carpet.

The most common culprit of a dirty carpet is a stain! When dealing with any carpet stain be sure to dab at stains with an approved cleaning solution instead of rubbing them. This advice may sound crazy but if rubbing a stain could actually ‘set’ the stain in the carpet fibers which can decrease the longevity of your carpet life. When dabbing or blotting the stain, use the motion of blotting inward opposed to outward. An outward motion could actually spread that pesky stain instead of removing it.

Another common accident usually involves candle wax. Candles can add a comforting smell and make your living room inviting and homey. However, sometimes the wax from the candle is an accident waiting to happen. When wax dries, it can be hard to pluck out of the carpet fabrics.To remove wax, you could heat the wax up again and cover it with a paper towel so the wax will cling to the paper towel instead of your carpet. Never apply direct heat and do not use an open flame near your carpet when attempting to reheat wax. Of course, the easiest method for candle wax removal is to call a professional carpet cleaner!

If you have children then you may already be familiar with how destructive chewing gum can be! Chewing gum can also cling to your shoe without your knowledge and then get tracked into the carpet. Yuck! You may have heard this at home remedy for a chewing gum carpet cleaner already but it is recommended to use an ice cube. Grab some ice cubes in order to freeze the gum for easier removal. Typically, the gum should be as frozen as possible in order to lift it from the carpet.

The most ominous (and most common) accidental carpet stain is blood. Again, we highly recommend a professional carpet cleaner to remove blood stains from your carpet. Just because you have a blood spot on your carpet does not mean your carpet is ruined. An at home spot cleaner for blood is just a small amount of hydrogen peroxide. Use an eyedropper or cap from the bottle in order to measure out a small amount of hydrogen peroxide to apply directly to the blood stain. If the blood has already dried, you can loosen up the dried bits with a mild detergent and water solution and then use hydrogen peroxide and dry.

These are just a few at home methods to spot clean tough stains! Keeping your carpet clean is key to keeping your carpet looking fresh. A nice deep steam clean from a professional carpet cleaner can always help bring a carpet back to life!

Be sure to check back for more carpet cleaner tips and tricks.

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