It’s going to be a beautiful summer here in Kansas City! With our Independence Day right around the corner, there will be plenty of fun activities with friends and family in the backyard. What better way to celebrate the Fourth of July than fireworks and grilled food? However, with the fun of grilling or roasting marshmallows over a fire pit, there is always a worse case scenario– an accidental fire at your home and the need for smoke or fire damage restoration.

A fire at your home can ruin any summer celebration and be an overall frightening experience and, even in the fortunate event that no one is hurt, the shock of the event itself can disrupt your life and cause overwhelming stress. Earlier this month, we made a blog post about water restoration and many of those techniques and information gathering tips can also be used for smoke or fire damage restoration.

First, take a deep breath and let it out. We know this is stressful. With the hustle of the fire department, you are now left with a chance to catch your breath and move forward. Now, take stock of the damage and try to diagnose the problem. Where and how did the fire originate? Does your home or business have an exposed interior due to a burned or missing wall? Do you require board-up services?

It is important to note if you need board-up services because you want to get any exposed interior boarded up before rain or even vandalism can occur.

Now take a look at what has been damaged. Did the fire department use water and do you need water extraction or water restoration services? Did you use a fire extinguisher and now do you only need cleaning and deodorizing? These are important questions to ask yourself but don’t become overwhelmed– if you’re not sure what you need then just give us a call and our friendly, professionals will walk you through some questions to help determine what smoke or fire damage restoration services you may need.

Sadly, any damage caused by the fire is not always the only damage to your home. Just because the fire is gone does not mean you’re not incurring other damages. Oftentimes, the presence of smoke and soot can continue to damage your property because corrosive gases in the smoke can combine with water vapor to form solutions which can pit or stain metal and other surfaces. Soot is very damaging and, like water damage, needs to be acted on quickly because soot is more difficult to remove the longer it remains.

To make smoke or fire damage restoration easier, we offer complete smoke or fire damage restoration services:

  • structural demolition if needed
  • immediate smoke removal, preventative clean-up, and board-up.
  • Pack out (removal and inventor of items for restoration or disposal)
  • cleaning and preserving contents
  • cleaning and deodorizing walls, ceilings, and flooring
  • restoring damaged structural elements
  • water extraction and dehumidifying

If you need any of these services then give our emergency line a call as soon as you need smoke or fire damage restoration. We move quickly and expertly to restore your property and to restore order to your life.

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