Water damage can originate by different sources such as: washing machine overflow, dishwasher leakage, broken pipes, clogged toilet, broken dishwasher hose, leaking roof, moisture behind walls, emergency water damage, repair foundation cracks, plumbing leaks, slab leaks and bad weather (snow, rain, floods). Water damage is a major contributor to property loss. Water damage must be controlled as soon as possible and must be handled immediately. Failing to treat water damage can make things difficult to manage and a major property loss. Therefore, it is strongly recommend that you call a professional water damage specialist for help. Red Carpet Restoration water damage specialists are available 24/7 365 days of the year. We can help you out with the right equipment, stuff and experience to help restore everything in your home to where it will look like the water damage never happened. As a water Loss Institute members, we work with IICRC S-500 procedures to ensure that the best processes for restoration are used.


We will start by trying to keep extra damages from occurring.

All items in a home, particularly furniture, will be moved out of a space and dried. You can do this on your own but we can also do this under your command. We can also pack and label all the possession in your home and store them in our warehouse or in a safe spot in your home depending on what you prefer.

We will then extract water from the carpet and your floors. We use state of the art and a very powerful water extraction truck-mounted system. We can work with more water to help keep drying times down.

Any wet pads can also be removed. It may not be best to dry and restore any pads. Therefore, it is best to remove it altogether. The carpet will be taken off of its tack strip and then folded so the pad can be reached. The sub-floor can also be removed here. An employee will then see what damages are there and if there are any other conditions that might be occurred before the water damage took place. A removal plan with a full replacement will be used if the carpet cannot be restored economically. As small part of the carpet and its pad will be kept in order to see what it a replacement will be worth.

The carpet backing will be controlled with a microbial treatment. An EPA-endorsed microbial treatment will help keep mildew and mold from growing. It will also keep odors out of the way. We can also clean and decontaminate your area. A preliminary cleaning procedure is often required.


Psychometrics, the procedure used to ease how moisture can impact a property, will be used in this process. It is known that in a normal case moisture will be found in a spot. A proper balance, which is also called moisture equilibrium, must work here. However, a surface can be easily saturated while something else is not impacted when water damage occurs. This will ruin the equilibrium. The unaffected spots will then collect moisture to try and keep the equilibrium intact. Measures must be taken or else a structure will be impacted and mold spores develop. Special drying items are used to help keep the equilibrium under control. We use Turbo Dryers and Dehumidification units to help with keeping the area dry. These dryers can work under a wet carpet or along a wet spot. They will circulate wet air into our dehumidification units to help get moisture out of the air. This will return plenty of dry air into the area. It can take three to five days for the drying to work but it all depends on the area. It helps to use a 75-80°F temperature in your area and to follow tips from a technician to make things easier to manage. The drying process will often be reviewed as it goes along to see that it is working well. All water collection tubs can be reviewed and emptied while the humidity and temperature in an area will be monitored and recorded. All moisture levels around the area will be reviewed too. All drying materials will also be checked to see that they are working like they should. These materials may also be moved around at some times to make them more effective.


After things dry up, we will restore your structure. This occurs about three or four days after we start. You should have time to get your insurance company to help with handling the costs. We will help you out with many tips and points when asked.

  • We can repair a sub floor if needed A sub floor can buckle or swell up sometimes. We can repair and replace any spots that have damages.
  • We will also re-install a carpet and pad. This can work if the pad is going to be restored and installed with a new pad.
  • Any structural repairs that are needed can be managed. This includes removing and replacing items. This can work with ceiling tiles and drywall among other things.


Red Carpet Restoration in Kansas City will clean up with a Fresh Water Rinse Extraction cleaning and deodorization. This process will be paid for by your insurance in most cases. We can clean many surfaces like floors, walls and even your upholstery. All carpet protecting items can also be applied if your carpet does not have a soil resistant finish.

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