Water Damage – The removal, and the clean up process that follows a flood or any water can be very quick done and the cost associated with relatively low, when compared to the cost of mold remediation if the dry out is not taken care of properly. Water damage repair usually involves drying and sometimes removing carpet, baseboard, and drywall. Many times, basement water damage occurs from sump pump failure, toilet overflow from a back up or from a pipe bursting. Sewage contamination is usually a problem to deal with at this point and needs to be taken care of immediately. Drywall water damage can usually be fixed by simply drying it out unless it has been contaminated by sewage water. As a professional water damage cleanup company, we will access the damage, and inform you of the entire cleaning and restoration process. Whether it is home water damage or commercial water damage, Red Carpet Restoration will be able to restore your property to a pre-loss condition in a very short amount of time. We can help with flood damage, by pumping out the water, so you don’t end up with extensive mold damage. We are also a full service mold remediation company. Water damage clean up can be billed directly to your insurance company without any direct cost to you other than your deductible. As a restoration company, we can assist you with all your water damage restoration needs.

Fire Damage Repair is a very tedious procedure. If this is not taken care of properly residue and odor can be left behind. We are the number one KC water and fire damage restoration company. Fire and smoke damage can be a scary experience. Call us and allow us to help you and take a lot of the stress off you. Whether it is a grease fire, smoke damage, soot damage, puff back, or any other kind of fire or smoke damage clean up, we have experience and skills to remove all the smoke damage and repair all the fire damage for you in a timely manner.

Sewage Cleanup and Restoration – A water loss containing raw sewage is in a category of its own. Termed “black water,” raw sewage contains numerous air- and blood-borne pathogens capable of causing illness and other serious health effects. If a sewer line breaks or toilet overflows into your home, the results can be horrifying. Bad odors, bacteria, stains, and contamination can all result from a sewage intrusion, and require immediate attention. Sewage is home to toxins and bacteria that need to be cleaned by a trained professional wearing protective gear and using special decontamination tools and equipment. Our sewage overflow cleanup team members will work to remove sewage, repair damaged structures, decontaminate all materials and remove odors. Our first step to removing and repairing a sewage intrusion is to remove all solid and liquid materials by pumping them out of your home or property. These hazardous materials must be disposed of properly. All porous materials should be carefully removed and properly disposed of. Hard surfaces are cleaned and bio-washed using anti-microbial agents. Many materials that become contaminated with sewage must be removed and disposed of, sometimes including irreplaceable heirlooms. If a sewage overflow has caused other damage to your property, we offer flooring restoration services, bio-cleaning services, and odor removal services as well.

Whether it be a Flooded Basement, Frozen Pipes, Fire and/or Smoke Damage, Water Damage Restoration, Sewage Overflow or Commercial Water Extraction, Red Carpet Restoration is available to repair the damage! We take pride in our work and assure our customers 100% satisfaction. Contact us now for all your flood, smoke, fire, water restoration, odor and mildew control and dehumidification needs anytime 24/7.

We understand the urgency of EMERGENCY. We take your calls live 24 hours a day 7 days a week and send our local technicians (all of whom have passed extensive background checks) to you anywhere in the Kansas City areas. We respond within 45 minutes and get the job done right! We offer full Water Damage Repair, Water Removal, Smoke, Fire, Flood Cleanup, Storm Damage, Wet Basement Drying and Mold Services and we are available around the clock. We also offer a variety of Payment Plans and Insurance Billing. Our certified and dedicated professional technicians will get to your place quickly to repair the damage and prevent any further damage from happening to your home or office.

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