With the hustle and bustle of tenants moving in and out of your rental properties, there is little time to waste on just any Overland Park carpet restoration company. The summer is an especially active time for tenants and property managers because many leases are ending or recent college graduates are leaving their parents’ home and searching for their very first apartment. However, with the prospect of new tenants comes the responsibility of cleaning up after the old tenant.

Most rental properties have strict smoking or pet rules and regulations however, not all tenants follow these rules. It can be an unhappy shock to see a mess left on the carpet by a negligent tenant. Of course, not all tenants are irresponsible– as humans, accidents can happen to anyone! That’s why you need a reliable Overland Park carpet restoration company to get your rental property carpet back to good condition.

As a professional carpet restoration company, we can deep clean your rental property carpet to remove all types of stains, spots, or pet dander.

Our furbabies are important but stains or odor can happen! Once that tenant moves out, we can come in with our professional and certified carpet restoration crew to make quick work of any lingering pet stains or odor. We’ll have your carpet in shape for your next tenant and their faithful pet companion. Even the most well-behaved pet can have an accident but a good carpet restoration company can take care of those pet stains with little problem.

Even if the rental property has a strict no-smoking policy, the tenant or a friend of the tenant, may still have smoked in the rental property which leaves an obvious odor behind. Regardless of if any new occupants have an allergy to smoke, you will need a certified carpet restoration company to professionally clean and restore your carpet and remove any leftover smoke odor from your carpet before your new tenant moves in.

Smoke and pet odor are not the only things that could stain your rental property’s carpet. Dirt, oil, grease, and even blood could be a culprit to a dirty carpet, too! Regardless of the stain or odor caught in your carpet fibers, we can help with removal. It’s important to note that a deep clean can really perk your carpet up and have it ready for your newest tenant. A fresh, new looking carpet can really sell a room and show the potential tenant that ‘yes, this is a living room you can relax in with friends or family.’

Do not let a stained or smelly carpet run your next potential tenant away! Make a great impression and a rental property feel brand new by getting stains, spots, odors, or allergens removed from the carpet. Remember that we can help if you’ve got some hard to remove stains or pet odor so call our office or fill out our contact us form via our website in order to hire an outstanding Overland Park carpet restoration company!


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