With Pinterest and other social media out there, we know that it can be tempting to Do-It-Yourself carpet cleaning. Unfortunately, DIY carpet cleaning can do more harm than good so don’t try to DIY your own carpet cleaning, Kansas City! As we’ve mentioned once or twice, your carpet is dirty despite vacuuming weekly or even daily. Our carpet’s fibers can hold all sorts of pollen, dander, and other allergens within its fibers. The only way to truly remove all of those allergens in the fibers is to have a professional deep extraction carpet cleaning.

We know what you’re thinking: but I vacuum my carpet every day. Unfortunately, vacuuming your carpet– even every day– does not remove all of those hidden particles in your carpet’s fibers. For getting a true deep clean to help purify the air and remove allergens, we always recommend using our professional carpet cleaning services. Not only will professional carpet cleaning help reduce allergies but it will also better the air quality in your home.

The idea of DIY carpet cleaning may sound like an appealing idea but these DIY efforts are not always as effective as a professional cleaning. Additionally, some DIY approaches may seem more cost efficient but these DIY solutions could potentially damage your carpet and cause more work in the end. Do not take that DIY chance but, if you DIY anyway, be especially careful not to over-shampoo or over-wet your carpet.

You may ask yourself: but how can too much shampoo be a bad thing? Soap is self-cleaning so this may sound strange but over-shampooing your carpet can actually cause a build-up of soapy residue which will be very difficult for even the best DIY-er to clean out of their carpet. Not only will too much shampoo cause that soapy residue but it will also attract more dirt!

One last question for yourself: too much shampoo is bad but how is over-wetting bad for your carpet? Over-wetting is when someone uses too much water when cleaning carpet. Over-wetting causes water to soak to the bottom of the carpet. Since most carpet is backed with material that may discolor or shrink from too much water, over-wetting is something that should be avoided. Another thing to worry about with over-wetting is the potential for mildew or mold growth beneath your carpet. Mildew or mold can really harm your family or pets so it is best to not over-wet your carpet.

We know that it may be tempting to DIY your own carpet cleaning, Kansas City, but please put away your internet searches and call a professional. Our technicians are certified professionals and will be able to determine the best cleaning method for your carpet. We won’t leave behind soapy residue or mold and mildew growth that you may have to deal with later.

Don’t try to DIY that carpet cleaning, Kansas City! Give us a call or drop a line in our contact us form for more information or inquires regarding our professional carpet cleaning services.

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